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Welcome To Riverwalk

Riverwalk will be an important way for all ages to experience Manchester, on foot and away from cars and traffic, yet close to shopping and restaurants. Like a number of other beloved trails and walks in communities across New England, our dream is that the Riverwalk will be another compelling reason to visit Manchester and the Northshire community.

Events & Happenings

Come join in the fun at Workdays, Workshops, Parties, and Gatherings. Riverwalk is all about community, so check out all we’re up to here.

Join the Manchester Riverwalk!

Your participation and support will make this dream a reality even sooner.

Plans, Designs, Dreams

The Riverwalk’s centerpiece will be a bridge spanning the river from the Factory Point Town Green to Main Street side of the river, landing just behind the old Factory Point Bank Building.

The annual meeting of the Manchester Riverwalk Assn

Annual Meeting 2017

Manchester Riverwalk Annual Meeting 2/4/17 President Bill Laberge welcomed people to the annual meeting and introduced the agenda, and invited people to attend our monthly committee meetings. Approval of last year’s minutes Motion to approve: Bill West / Second: Stephen Drunsic/ passed: all Election of New Trustees Cathy Stewart reelected for 3-year term Lisa Helmholz Adams elected for 3-year term Each were duly elected by the votes submitted via mail….