The Falls by the Mill Pond on the Battenkill's West Branch


The Manchester Riverwalk is a 501c(3) non-profit organization with a mission to build, beautify, and maintain public pathways along the West Branch of the Battenkill River in Manchester, Vermont thereby enhancing vibrancy in the community, while creating a compelling recreational and cultural destination.



The Manchester Riverwalk is a citizen-led initiative working to expand access to The Battenkill’s riverfront in Manchester, VT and to develop it into a community asset.

The Riverwalk Committee was formed out of a series of economic development meetings in 2013 looking at the future of Manchester. Called Manchester 2020, the participants identified four areas of opportunity to pursue to enhance Manchester’s future. The Riverwalk was one of these.

The Riverwalk Committee began as an informal group but it was soon apparent that a more formal structure was needed in order to fundraise and pursue grants. In 2015, The Riverwalk Committee elected it’s first Board of Trustees.

Learn more about the Riverwalk and it’s special location in this video:


  1. Doug Lyons says:

    Nice idea to have a river walk but please keep the integrity of the river and it’s habitat in mind – maintaining the riparian integrity should be of paramount importance.


    • Margaret Donovan says:

      It is highest in our thinking and one of our first projects is an eco-restoration of the riverbank. We are working with experts on a test area this spring to remove invasives and return native plants. Thanks for commenting!

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