Riverwalk Committee

2017 Green-Up Day cleaning up Riverwalk

On Green-Up Day 2017, Committee members and others from the community worked to clean debris from the paths and banks.

The Riverwalk Committee is a group of people who attend the monthly meetings we hold on the first Monday of the month. Participating in the Committee offers a great way to become involved in the Riverwalk without a huge time commitment. You will also get to help shape the way the Riverwalk develops by lending your voice, your passion for the area, and your labor.

The Riverwalk Committee includes, but is not limited to, the following individuals: Bill Laberge, Joanie Burns, Eileen Braheney, Cathy Stewart, Emmy McCusker, Dick Smith, Rich Thompson -Tucker, Alan Benoit, Jennifer Waite, Sandra Koffman, Ron Dundon, Kim Bina, Ken Bina, Dana Larose, Theo Talcott, Greg Boshart, Greg Scharneccia, Margaret Donovan, Bill West, Jay Venable, Alison Hill, Joan Burns, Joan Pine, Jennifer Waite, Dana LaRose, Jen Weinstein, Lisa Laberge, Brett Morrison

Our Active Committees

In addition to the affiliation known as the Riverwalk Committee, we have active committees that are pushing forward with goals we need to achieve to bring he Riverwalk to life. If you would be interested in joining any of these committees, please write to info@manhcesterriverwalk.org or come to the monthly meeting – usually held at the BBA library starting at 6PM.

Communications Committee: Margaret Donovan, Bill Laberge

Crowdfunding Committee: Lisa Helmholz-Adams. Kara Evarts, Les Jorgensen, Lisa Laberge, Cathy Stewart, Margot Page

Legal and Governance Committee: Bill Laberge, Jennifer Weinstein

Development Committee: Lisa Helmholz-Adams, Chair, Rich Thompson-Tucker, Jay Venable, Lisa Laberge, Margot Page, Margaret Donovan, Theo Talcott

Grantwriting Committee: Eileen Braheney, Margot Page, Greg Sczieska, Dick Smith, Jennifer Waite, Jennifer WeinsteinW

Partners and Stakeholders Committee: Ron Dundon, Bill Laberge, Emmy McCusker

Design Committee: Joanie Burns, Kim Bina, Margaret Donovan, Stephen Drunsic, Lisa Helmholz-Adams, Lisa Laberge, Bill Laberge, Margot Page, Dana LaRose, Brett Morrison, Dick Smith, Theo Talcott