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Slider_FallsThe Riverwalk’s centerpiece will be a bridge spanning the river from the Factory Point Town Green to Main Street side of the river, landing just behind the old Factory Point Bank Building.

Primary Bridge Design Considerations:

Bowstring Centerra-Overland Trail Rtch

Bowstring-style bridge

• Goal: to be accessible from both sides of the Village (Depot St. and Main S.t)

• High enough to be above floodway.

• Design reflects aesthetic desired by the committee.

• Arched bridge walking surface to extent possible to maintain accessibility.

• Metal design elements can be attached

In addition, there will be smaller bridges at the river level connecting a series of paths. At present, there are paths on both sides but no bridge connecting them.

Lower Bridge Design Considerations:


Smaller bridge concept

Can be located within floodway with proper anchoring/grading.

Too short for arched effect on bridge surface.

Railing options can reflect specific design aesthetic and whimsey – different from major bridge railings and design.

Same 6-foot width as larger scale bridge.



The Future Vision

Includes paths, benches, art, an amphitheater, educational possibilities, and an overall increase in the vibrancy of the downtown as we join these two sides of the river with a bridge that beckons everyone to view the falls.

Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Trail 6-29-06--025_edited-1-L

Wooden path


Gong on a path

stone path

Stone path

Resting spot

Wooden bench


Stone Bench

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